Jen Chard

When I was young I looked at pregnancy as this beautiful thing that my body would naturally do and I would feel so empowered by what my body was capable of doing and recover from naturally. I pictured myself with this adorable little belly and running around in my bikini with the little belly hanging out...oh how delusional I was is SO FUNNY now! I have always been a very healthy eater, grew up in a home where my father was a vegetarian and we ate very clean and healthy, grew our own garden, had a chicken coop with fresh eggs, etc. For me a treat was a boxed Mac and Cheese because I didn't get it ever! So my delusions were not that far off because in the ideal pregnancy if you do what I did, eat healthy, practice yoga, etc., you should float through pregnancy with very little issues and your body should be well equipped to handle it and recover easily. I had a far from ideal pregnancy and it wrecked HAVOC on my poor body. My belly stretched so far that I developed a condition that is common in multiples pregnancy and I was pregnant with ONE! The stretch marks were the worst I have ever seen, my skin was so stretched that I saw no way I could get my belly back without a tummy tuck. A year ago I accepted that my body would never be the same and I began to focus on getting my body in the best shape I could and hopefully learn to love and embrace the belly I have and just wear a one piece suit for the rest of my life. Then just a few months before I had reached my goal weight and size I had a close friend that knew of my struggles suggest I try this crazy wrap thing. I decided then that I was going to continue on my path and get to my goal weight and size on my own first and then try the wrap to finish up what I had already accomplished with just healthy diet and exercise. I tried it and now I am hooked! I am wearing a BIKINI again and still seeing improvements. My “goal” weight and size prior to the wraps was my pre-pregnancy weight and size (135lbs and size 6) and now without doing anymore to loose weight besides the wraps and supplements I have dropped to 132 lbs and down to a SIZE 2!!! I am living proof IT WORKS!

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